Dozens of Afghan female footballers and their families to be resettled in UK


Dozens of female Afghan footballers and their families, who fled the Taliban, will be resettled in the United Kingdom, it has been reported.

A British official has told The Standard that the government is working to finalize visas for the female Afghan football footballers and their families.

A group of 135 female footballers and their families arrived in Lahore city of Pakistan after leaving Afghanistan with the support of ROKiT Foundation.

“This is fantastic news, and we are most grateful to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Home Secretary Priti Patel for this life-saving decision,” Siu-Anne Marie Gill, CEO of the ROKiT Foundation, told the Standard.

Some British organizations, including Leeds United and Chelsea have promised to suport the female Afghan footballers and their families with the resettlement process in UK.

Thousands of Afghans were evacuated from Afghanistan following the takeover of the country by Taliban in mid-August.

The United States, Canada, Britain, and several other European countries have vowed to evacuate the vulnerable Afghans who want to leave Afghanistan.



  1. Hello, your service, your colleagues, do not be tired. I am Hafizullah from Afghanistan, Faryab province. I previously worked for the Bashir Court in the Women’s Court. Now you know that the whole of Afghanistan is controlled by the Taliban. I have no hope. I have no complete faith in the Taliban. I ask you to help me save my family and my life with your help. I have been involved in social and cultural affairs in the media. I am a coach in various sports. I have a cute girl. My wife is also pregnant. I want my child to be born in a foreign country. Their lives are in danger. I really want help. I’m very scared. Last chat I do not want to live in Afghanistan. I’m happy to live abroad. My wife’s daughter’s life is in serious danger. If I do not leave Afghanistan I will commit suicide.


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